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From Poop to Power: Mississauga Creating Natural Energy From Dog Waste

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

By Sabrina Gamrot for the Mississauga News

Have you noticed less dog feces in Mississauga’s green spaces? Seen large green dog waste receptacles around various parks? Noticed that said receptacles have no smell?

If so, you have Christopher Pyke — waste management supervisor for the city — to thank.

Pyke was the one to spearhead the city’s year-long dog waste pilot, which saw the installation of 13 specialty waste containers across Mississauga. The containers not only allow for the dog waste to be disposed without odour, they are the first stop in the journey of turning poop to power.

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A little over a year ago, Pyke was tasked with tackling the city’s major recycling contamination problem.

When dog waste arrived mixed in with other recyclable materials at facilities, it contaminated everything it touched and so, it all had to go to landfill.

“We really needed to improve the waste diversion in our city,” he said. After doing some research and tinkering with solutions, Pyke stumbled upon Sutera’s in-ground waste containment.

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