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Dog Waste Containment

Utilizing a Steel Lid, Concrete Containment Well and Reusable PVC Bag

The Dog Waste Unit places 95% of the containment well underground.  The steel tower is the only visible portion above ground, making this the preferred dog waste collection system around the globe.  These units are serviced by vertical lift. The capacity volume is equal to 92 traditional sized dog waste canisters, reducing servicing costs and required pick-up frequency.


The precast concrete mass resists hydro static pressure, eliminating floating out of the ground.  The contents remain cooler beneath the earth’s surface, out of the direct sunlight, reducing odor and will not leak into the surrounding soils.


Built to withstand the elements, be safe, secure, fire resistant and user friendly.

DSR-1 Render 1_rev.JPG


Capacity: 0.71 cu. yds/ 543 litres

36" Diameter

60" Containment Depth

Custom Color Options Available
Colour options.jpg
Dog Waste Sticker_Circle_with label.png
RAL color available.jpg
Custom Wrap Options Available
DSR-1 Render - Green Leafs.JPG
DSR-1 Render - Blue Orange Green Waves.JPG
DSR-1 Render - Multicolour Pattern.JPG
DSR-1 Render - Yellow Orange Lines.JPG
Dog Waste Station
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