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Why In-Ground?

Aesthetically Pleasing Customizable Icon

Aesthetically Pleasing and Customizable

In-ground units between 35% to 95% below ground offer a smaller visual footprint than traditional above-grade dumpsters. The exterior of the units may include brick, tile, paint, metal, stone, stucco, stamped concrete, or raw for an industrial look.

No Enclosure Icon.png

No Expensive Enclosures Needed

SUTERA systems can be harmoniously integrated within landscaping without the need for enclosures and their continuously costly upkeep.  

Odorless Icon.png

Reduced Odors

Benefiting from the earth’s naturally lower in-ground temperatures and protected from direct sunlight and heat, waste is kept much cooler reducing harmful and potentially dangerous bacterial growth. Decomposition is slowed resulting in less odor. Emptying is needed only when the container is full and not simply when the smell becomes unbearable, reducing service expenses and collection carbon footprint.

Elimination of Vermin Icon.png

Elimination of Vermin

Through secure waste containment unwanted animals and insects can no longer access and rely on the waste container as their food source, forcing these pests to relocate and look elsewhere.

Takes Up Less Space More Parking

Takes up Less Valuable Property Space

For every SUTERA unit installed, 4-6 parking spaces can be saved, increasing the utilization of valued real estate while improving parking lot traffic flow.

User Safety Icon_rev.png

Increased User Safety and Accessibility

There is no need to strain in lifting heavy bags as SUTERA’s access lid is 39 inches high verses 66 inches for a traditional 6 cubic yard dumpster.

Emptying Easy Clean Icon.png

Emptying is Easy and Clean

The 360° service accessibility enables property owners to install their SUTERA units wherever it is most convenient for them and their users.

Gravitational Compaction Icon.png

Gravitational Compaction

A greater amount of waste can be stored compared to traditional above-grade dumpsters of similar volume as a result of gravity’s natural compaction due to SUTERA’s vertical cylindrical design.

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