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Semi In-Ground Steel Lid Containment

Utilizing Steel Lid, Concrete Containment Well and a Reusable PVC Bag

The Semi In-Ground Unit has 60% of the containment well underground, leaving an aesthetically pleasing surface above ground.  The surface can be clad with a wide variety of finishes to match the surroundings or used for advertising.  The Semi In-Ground Unit is designed for Waste and Recycling containment and be serviced by vertical lift.


The precast concrete mass resists hydro static pressure, eliminating floating out of the ground.  The contents remain cooler beneath the earth’s surface, out of the direct sunlight, reducing odor and will not leak into the surrounding soils.


Built to withstand the elements, be safe, secure, fire resistant and user friendly.

Available In 3 Sizes To Suit Your Specific Needs

Capacity: 1.88 cu. yds/ 1438 litres

48.25" Diameter

86.3" Containment Depth


Capacity: 3.72 cu. yds/ 2847 litres

61.25" Diameter

96" Containment Depth


Capacity: 5.82 cu. yds/ 4450 litres

75.25" Diameter

96" Containment Depth


SS-6 Render - Isometric.JPG
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