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Service Haulers

If you are tired of competing against status quo, continually eroding margins and hoping to beat bigger competitors, look no further than SUTERA In-Ground.


SUTERA is currently looking to expand its network of waste haulers and distributors throughout North America to support the tremendous demand for servicing and installation of in-ground waste containment.


Vertical lift offers a competitive alternative allowing waste haulers a new line of business and revenue stream, complimenting their present hauling operations. All styles and configurations of collection trucks can be converted capable of vertical lift servicing; commercial rear-load, side-load, front-load or industrial roll-off. Retro-fitting a truck within your current fleet will transform an existing asset into a multi-purpose vehicle, increasing utilization, route efficiencies and profitability. 


From small park trucks to full sized triaxles, investment is minimal, cost effective and easy through SUTERA’s guidance and network of crane fitters.


Tomorrow’s success is not necessarily predicated by what worked yesterday, so come and join the future of waste management. We are always interested in speaking with potential partners and encourage anyone interested to Contact Us.

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