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Our Story

In 1982, while amidst a recession and against the advice of many, Bernard Melloul left his employer and bet on himself by forming a construction company.  Today, that two-man shop has grown from its humble beginnings to an award-winning developer and builder with residential, commercial and institutional construction projects valued over $1 billion.

Bernard - never satisfied with status quo - became frustrated with the antiquated waste industry and the lack of efficient and sustainable options for the containment of solid waste and recyclables.  Driven by the desire for continuous innovation and the philosophy that waste needs to be respected, Bernard notably proclaimed, “If we can put up a 25-story building, we can sure build a better waste container!” 

Bernard examined this waste challenge through a fresh and unique perspective. He was not restricted to traditional within the ‘box’- or in this case, within the ‘bin’ thinking - but rather focused on design fundamentals and engineering principles imparted by nearly four decades within the construction. From that, SUTERA In-Ground was founded in 2013.

Bernie with dog unit.jpg

Since then, through steadfast leadership and unwavering commitment, SUTERA In-Ground has become a leader and the brand of innovation. We are focused on solving present and future environmental concerns through a comprehensive suite of ‘ground-breaking’ in-ground and semi in-ground containers that are safe, secure, sanitary and sustainable. 

Rooted with the experience and knowledge that “success always demands a greater effort,” SUTERA In-Ground continues to invest in the development and pioneering of new technologies to better capture specific waste streams that aid in the beneficial reuse of materials and the proper disposal of waste.

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