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The Concrete and Steel Advantage

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Temperature and humidity affect the smell of trash. Precast concrete acts as a heat sync, drastically lowering internal container temperatures; at low temperatures trash becomes virtually odorless, while steel eliminates unwanted animal and insects from entering the container.

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Fire Resistant

Precast concrete and steel are non-flammable and reduces the chances of fire spreading. Concrete and steel are both safe to install close to buildings with no fear of fire breaching over to adjacent buildings.

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Environmental Responsibility

SUTERA’s ideology and philosophy does not align with putting plastic into the ground.  We support the world-wide initiative reducing plastic dependence. Precast concrete and steel are also recyclable and better for the environment.

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Durable and Long Lasting

Unparalleled are the strength of steel and concrete.  Precast concrete has an in-ground life expectancy of 100+ years. SUTERA utilizes precast concrete supplied through the North American Waste and Sewer industry, which has been engineered for in-ground installations.

Hydrostatic Pressure Icon.png

Exceeds Hydrostatic Pressures (will not float)

The weight of the precast concrete exceeds the natural force of hydrostatic pressure within the excavated hole. This eliminates buoyancy, even in high water tables, without the need of additional counterweights or footings.

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SUTERA’s precast concrete well is constructed in two pieces attached at ground level. Installations are simple with no on-site mixing of concrete or anchoring ballast required. Simply dig, level, drop and back fill with native soil. Sourced locally throughout North America and readily available, precast concrete wells are not subject to costly and environmentally damaging transportation. Precast concrete and steel are also less susceptible to damage and can be easily cleaned.

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Customizable Appearance

Precast concrete and steel are smooth blank canvases.  Exterior concrete finishing options may include brick, tile, paint, metal, stone, stucco, or stamped concrete to harmonize with your building or landscape, or raw for an industrial look. Steel components are available in custom colours easily identifying the different material streams.

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Advertising Opportunities

Printed self-adhesive vinyl wraps can provide additional advertising revenue, display corporate and municipal logos or convey important community messages.

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