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Status: In Development

The SUTERA Dog App. was developed as a reward program for responsible dog owners who care about the environment by cleaning up after their dogs. Scanning the QR Code located on the SUTERA Dog Waste Containment System with a smartphone is all that is required to take full advantage of this fantastic rewards program.

Other App. Benefits:

  • Store complete dog info such as, name, birthday, license and much more.

  • Specific Municipal messaging available

  • Advertising available

SUTERA Service App

Status: Released

The SUTERA Service App. was developed to fully automate the service billing process.  The service provider scans the QR Code and chooses what type of service has been completed, such as: Empty / Clean / Repair.  A Service Ticket is automatically generated and this information is then sent via email in PDF format to the required parties.  All Service Tickets are then compiled at the end of the billing period and an invoice is automatically generated and emailed in PDF format to the required parties.


SUTERA Pay as You Throw App

Status: In Development

The SUTERA Pay-As-You-Throw App. was developed in conjunction with a specific SUTERA Waste Containment System which only accepts one waste deposit at a time.  The lid is locked and unlocked with a smartphone.  Users will be able to purchase credits to unlock the lid.  This is specifically useful for Condo and Apartment buildings where waste deposits need to be controlled and monitored.

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