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Sutera Launches New Innovative Commercial Waste & Recycling Collection System in Downtown Greenville

GREENVILLE, SC, September 24, 2019 - SUTERA today officially unveiled a new innovative fully in-ground commercial waste and recycling collection system in downtown Greenville that will improve the protection of the local environment as well as the livability and street aesthetics for residents of Bogg’s Alley.

The SUTERA waste and recyclables collection system for businesses operating within Bogg’s Alley in downtown Greenville has centralized collection to four fully in-ground storage containers eliminating 30 rolling carts. The in-ground containers eliminate the potential for waste leachate, odors and pests associated with traditional rolling carts and bins. The new service also reduces collections to twice a week as opposed to the nearly daily service previously required thus lowering noise levels and traffic congestion which negatively impacted residents living directly above Bogg’s Alley.

The SUTERA in-ground collection containers are unique to the North American market as its pre-cast concrete well is installed into the ground which prevents potential leakage of waste into the ground. Concrete greatly reduces interior temperatures thus virtually eliminating odors associated with waste, and the steel lockable lid is fire resistant and tamper proof.

The design of the in-ground containers allows SUTERA to clean the containers on a regular basis which is uncommon in the waste collection service. Because the containers can contain a large volume of waste and recyclables for an extended period, the just-in-time service reduces collection costs, fuel use and associated greenhouse gas emissions as well as truck traffic on Greenville streets.

“With Bogg’s Alley we saw a major void in the marketplace for managing waste and recyclables in small and confined spaces, particularly in congested downtown neighborhoods,” said Steven Cseresnyesi, Vice President at SUTERA USA. “The placement of our fully in-ground collection system provides a more environmentally responsible and convenient alternative to traditional dumpsters or carts.”

Crystal Waters, Manager of the Subway Restaurant on South Main Street commented: “I’m very pleased with the new collection service as we can safely dispose of our waste, cardboard and recyclables in one central place. It also eliminates odors from all the previous waste bins in the alley.”

The SUTERA commercial waste and recycling collection system is a first in the City of Greenville and supports the goals of the Greener Greenville Plan to introduce leading sustainable waste and recycling practices. SUTERA has operated in Greenville for over five years with more than 100 fully in-ground and semi in-ground waste and recycling collection units installed and serviced throughout the City as well as the neighboring communities of Seneca, Clemson, Anderson, Piedmont, Easley, Simpsonville, Mauldin, Greer, Spartanburg, Boilings Springs and Gaffney.

This latest product and service is part of SUTERA’s growth strategy that is focused on providing innovative products and services to municipalities and businesses. “We pride ourselves on having great relationships with our customers and listening to their needs and today’s launch of our new commercial waste and recyclables collection system is a great example of the execution of this strategy,” added Mr. Cseresnyesi.

SUTERA’s innovative approach to commercial waste and recycling collection is a cost-effective solution for businesses and communities seeking to eliminate potential environmental impacts associated with conventional waste bins and garbage enclosures that can render back lane collection virtually impassable.

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SUTERA USA is based in Greenville, South Carolina and provides a comprehensive suite of innovative in-ground and semi in-ground containers designed for the collection of garbage, recyclables, organics, textile, dog waste and other unique waste streams in the municipal and industrial, commercial and institutional sector.

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Roger Lewis

Business Development, SUTERA USA


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